The Churchill Homes Difference

At Churchill, we consider environmental and social responsibility a priority. This high standard shows itself through our continued effort to build energy efficiency into each of our homes, recycle to reduce waste on the construction site, and help you landscape your new property.

Building-in Energy Efficiency

Every home we build is ENERGY STAR® qualified and a Union Gas "Build Comfort" home.

The ENERGY STAR for New Homes initiative promotes energy efficiency guidelines that make new homes approximately 30 percent more energy efficient than those built to minimum provincial building codes. The increased efficiency of our Churchill homes saves you money and reduces environmental impact.

"Build Comfort" homes provide improved air quality, lower energy bills, protection from basement leaks and reduced green house emissions.

We enhance your home's energy efficiency through such options as your windows, heating system, basement insulation, drain water heat recovery system, and solar-ready conduits.


Choose windows that reduce condensation along with heating and cooling costs and help protect your fabrics from fading. The windows package includes:

Low-Emissivity (Low-E) Glass has an invisible metallic coating that acts as a mirror to allow outdoor light to enter, while reflecting the sun's heat back outside in the summer and your home's warmth back inside in the winter.
This is a standard feature

Argon-Gas Fill is an inexpensive, non-toxic, clear, and odorless glass insulation that enhances your windows' energy efficiency.
This is a standard feature

Heating Systems

Improve your heating system's performance and indoor air quality, and reduce your heating costs. The "mechanical package" includes:

High-Efficiency Furnace is ENERGY STAR® labelled as 95% efficient, meaning for every dollar you spend on heating, you get 95 cents worth of heat.
This is a standard feature

Programmable Thermostat saves you money by lowering the temperature at times when you are normally away or asleep.
This is a standard feature

Basement Insulation

Full-Height Insulation maximizes your energy efficiency. In all Churchill homes, 8 feet of insulation runs down the exterior basement walls, covered with a poly barrier.
This is a standard feature

Exterior Waterproofing reduces basement leaks. We wrap and seal the foundation of each home with a rubber membrane to prevent water from penetrating through the exterior walls.
This is a standard feature

Under-Slab Floor Insulation provides additional warmth especially desirable if you plan to use your basement as additional living space.
This is an available upgrade

Drain Water Heat Recovery System

As part of the ENERGY STAR® program, Churchill homes include a Drain Water Heat Recovery System (DWHR). The Drain Water Heat Recovery System captures heat from your drain water and uses it to preheat incoming cold water. The recovered heat loss can save you up to 40% or more on your hot water heating costs.
This is a standard feature

Solar-ready Conduits

To make solar power more accessible, Churchill homes include a solar-ready conduit to make installing solar panels easy.
This is a standard feature

Recycling to Reduce Waste

As part of our ongoing commitment to the environment, we have partnered with Associated Environmental Technologies (AET), a recognized leader in waste management and reduction, to reduce the waste generated at our job sites.

AET provides recycling bins into which our trades people sort lumber, plastic, metals and other scrap that is a by-product of new home construction. Not only does this effort reduce waste, it also results in a cleaner property for you the owner.

Helping You Landscape

To help you to make your new house a home, Churchill Homes provides a planting certificate to all our single home and semi-detached home purchasers. This certificate allows you to purchase from a list of native planting material that will enhance your yard and help promote a healthy environment. Go ahead, spruce up your neighbourhood!