What to Expect

Planning and Construction

If you’re like most homebuyers, you have ideas for making your house uniquely yours; we have built our reputation on improving our homes from suggestions made by purchasers like you.
The ENERGY STAR for New Homes initiative promotes energy efficiency guidelines that make new homes approximately 30 percent more energy efficient than those built to minimum provincial building codes. The increased efficiency of our Churchill homes saves you money and reduces environmental impact.

“Build Comfort” homes provide improved air quality, lower energy bills, protection from basement leaks and reduced green house emissions.

We enhance your home’s energy efficiency through such options as your windows, heating system, basement insulation, drain water heat recovery system, and solar-ready conduits.

Your Homeowner’s Manual

Once you sign your agreement of purchase and sale and it becomes binding—meaning that we have contractually agreed to build your new home—you will receive, at no extra cost to you, our own unique Homeowner Manual, enclosed in an attractive zippered binder. Its contents will guide you through the process from the time of signing your agreement to closing and taking possession of your newly built home.

Your Homeowner’s Manual contains:

  • Conveniently divided chapters and headings, addressing in detail the questions that may come to you during the process, and explaining the entire process.
  • A chapter divided into alphabetically arranged headings containing information about caring for your home after you take possession.
  • Pockets and slots for you to store a copy of your agreement of purchase and sale, business cards, and other important and relevant documents, which you will collect throughout this process we are entering into together.

We are very proud of our Homeowner’s Manual and consider it another example of Churchill Homes’ valuable service to you our customer.

Visit the Design Centre

Ready to select the finishing touches for your home? Make an appointment to spend some time at our Design Centre, at 151 Frobisher Dr, Unit A-104. You’ll find everything you need to help you make the most beautiful choices for your new home.


You can expect the planning and construction process for your new home to take approximately 5 months, depending on the time of year and the availability of sub-contractors.

Making Decorating Choices

Selecting the finishing touches that make your new home unique is important and exciting. Making those choices within the timeframe requested will ensure that construction flows smoothly to the desired closing date.

You will have the opportunity to choose the following:

Exterior Choices:









Interior Choices:






Carpet, ceramic, vinyl, hardwood, laminate

Kitchen & Bath Cabinetry:

Colour and style

Kitchen & Bath Counter Tops:

Colour and style


Colour and style

Cable & Phone:

Outlet connections

Your Pre-Delivery Inspection

About one week before your house closes, we will invite you to a Pre-Delivery Inspection. This walk through your new home will allow you to determine that we have built the house that you ordered, complete with all the extras or upgrades and finishing touches that we agreed upon.

Understanding Your Warranty Coverage

Upon closing, we will register your home with Tarion Warranty Corporation (formerly known as the “Ontario New Home Warranty Program”) and provide you with a booklet outlining your warranty coverage. The booklet covers our responsibility in administering the warranty as well as your responsibilities as a program member. Please read it carefully!

Maintaining Your New Home

As your builder, we are responsible for any defects in craftsmanship that occur in your home during the first year; as a new home owner, you are responsible for maintaining your house’s mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems.

Not sure where to begin? To help, we will provide you with the “Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation Homeowner’s Manual”. This comprehensive 170-page book provides detailed answers to your questions or concerns as well as setting out a maintenance schedule for you to follow.

Visit our beautiful neighbourhoods.

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